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Ray Ash Stands for American Equality

Ray believes that manufactured social issues are too often sideshows to the real work of responsible legislation.  This is America where all people are supposed to be equal before the law. Ray believes that any American who lives a productive, law-abiding life, who does not harm other people, should have the same rights of any citizen.  Ray does not judge people based on how they were born or important life decisions that they make.  Ray will work to ensure all our citizens are treated equally, fairly and justly.  

Ray Ash Stands for the Security of Our Children and Families

Ray will make the safety and security of our district one of his main priorities.  He highly values our police and security forces and will work to make sure they get the resources needed to protect and defend all of our communities equally.  He will work to strengthen safety in our schools so that our children and teachers may learn in a calm and secure environment.

"We can protect the Second Amendment
and our community at the same time."

As a life-long responsible gun owner, Ray strongly defends the rights of responsible gun owners. Ray believes the second amendment to the U.S. Constitution is necessary to a strong and secure America and also to personal defense and home security.

Ray supports common sense measures to prevent the flow of military weapons to irresponsible users, criminals and otherwise unstable individuals.

Ray Ash is a U.S. Army Veteran and gun owner who was raised in a home that valued the 2nd Amendment.  “I have been a gun owner since I was 12 years old. I had three rifles and I would target practice and hunt wild boars in the hills of West Virginia. Also, we lived on the campus of West Virginia State College and my dad taught a class in military weapons to ROTC candidates.”

While Ray Ash supports the right of individuals to own and bear arms, he supports the Texas Constitution which, in addition to granting the individual right to own and bear arms, also provides for the regulation of same by the Texas Legislature.

Bottom line, Ray Ash will support every Texan's right to own and bear arms and will also support common sense measures that are proven to protect innocent lives.

Ray Ash Stands for Strong Public Education

As your representative, Ray Ash will work to strengthen and protect our district’s outstanding public schools and the children who attend them. Public schools are one of the most important institutions for ensuring fair and equal access to the American Dream.

Ray Ash knows that nothing levels the playing field better than quality education for all our children. This is one essential way to make sure that Collin County can compete on a global scale and attract new jobs and businesses for years to come.  

Ray supports legislation that allows teachers to 'teach to the child' and not 'to the test’. Further, he will work hard to fix our broken school finance system, so we can redirect the flow of funds to teachers and classrooms and away from administration and special interests.

The Texas Constitution mandates that the state fund public schools and provide a quality education. Ray Ash will work to make sure that the legislature lives up to its obligation.
Ray will work to ensure that Texas does not become one of the states that cut education funding to the point that textbooks are falling apart and teachers qualify for welfare.  

Ray Ash Stands for Economic Opportunity

"The sky's the limit!"


Ray Ash supports improved economic outcomes for everyone in our community regardless of socio-economic status. He will also work hard to strengthen our middle class and raise those in need.  Ray supports raising our bottom of the barrell minimum wage to at least a humble living wage.  

Ray will promote legislation keeps district 89 attractive to business by maintaining quality of life benefits such as our parks and recreation, great schools and teachers, busy retail centers and quiet neighborhoods. 

Ray will push for jobs and economic growth while sidestepping distracting issues that take away our focus. Ray will work to produce an inclusive business friendly environment that will fuel success, creating new jobs and opportunities. 

Ray Ash Stands for a Healthy Workforce

Ray will promote equal access to healthcare across the socio-economic spectrum. Our goal must be to have healthy citizens living productive lives. Ray Ash will promote legislation that provides for cost effective health care solutions for all Texans. As a CPA, he supports fiscal responsibility in using our tax dollars more efficiently for better community health spending and reduced costs to the labor force that is vital to true economic growth..

Ray Ash Stands for Property Tax Reform

Ray Ash will work hard to reverse the Texas legislature’s trend that has allowed our property tax bill to increase by continually shifting responsibility for public school funding from the state to the local taxpayer. Most of our property tax bill is composed of school taxes, a direct result of the state's failure to properly fund public school budgets.

Ray Ash Stands for Small Business Tax Reform

Ray Ash is a self-employed small business owner, CPA and tax attorney.  He appreciates the burden on business that the plethora of state taxes can cause.  Texas simply has too many different kinds of taxes on small business. Ray will work hard to reduce not only the level of business taxation, but also the actual number of business taxes, many of which are redundant.  

Ray Ash Stands for Transportation and Infrastructure

Ray believes that our transportation and infrastructure systems has been invaluable to the prosperity of our district, but shenanigans in Austin have put that in danger.  In Austin's revenue cutting frenzy, they too long played games with our taxes to cover gaps and deficits.  

Ray believes that all taxes created to support transportation and infrastructure should be spent on just that. Texas implemented gasoline taxes to support our transportation system.  But our Texas legislature has diverted gasoline taxes to the general fund, leaving our district short on funds to maintain and expand our roads and bridges.  This is unacceptable.    

Infrastructure projects aren't cheap.  In today's reality of public funding, Ray will support innovative ways for our dynamic community to fund transportation and infrastructure needs that don’t rely totally on new taxes, such as public-private partnerships.

Ray Ash Stands for Local Control

Ray supports local control of our District 89 and Collin County. He will resist any efforts in the Texas legislature that attempt to tailor state-wide policy based on the needs of favored constituencies.

Ray Ash believes that the best government is local government, because it is at the local level where you can truly appreciate the will of the people. He wants to be "Your Voice in Austin".

Ray Ash for Texas House District 89
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